Club Management

  • You can open or close your club to new members.
  • Each club member can be assigned a different membership level.
  • Membership Levels grant or deny access to different parts of your club (see chart below).
  • You specify which level each new member is assigned when they first join, then "promote" them later.
  • Send out announcements to individuals or all members at once, or choose to send to select groups based on membership levels.
  • You can make any member a "moderator" to give them some administrator privileges so they can help with club management.
  • If your club collects dues, you can use MyCameraClub to keep track of who has paid and when.
  • Members can be automatically reminded when their membership is about to expire, reminding them to pay dues.
  • When a member's membership expires, they can be automatically "demoted" from full member to associate member.

Membership Levels Chart




View Galleries varies (1) Yes Yes Yes
Upload to Galleries No No No Yes
View High Res. Images No No Yes Yes
Maintain a Personal Gallery No No No Yes
Comment & Like Photos No No Yes (4) Yes (4)
View Contests varies (1) Yes Yes Yes
Participate in Contests No No No Yes
Judge Contests (5) No No No Yes
View Discussions No Yes Yes Yes
Post in Discussions No No Yes Yes
Send & Read Messages No varies (2) Yes Yes
View Member Profiles No No Yes Yes
View Club Membership List No No Yes Yes
View Events varies (3) Yes Yes Yes
Comment on Events No Yes Yes Yes
(1) Each gallery or contest can be individually configured to be publicly or privately viewable.
(2) Guests can read messages, but can only send messages to club administrators.
(3) Each event can be individually configured to be publicly or privately viewable.
(4) If enabled for the gallery.
(5) Guest judges are an exception.