About My Camera Club

My Camera Club was created by Patrick McDonald, an amateur photographer and enthusiast who wanted to give back to the community he enjoys so much.

A member of a couple different local camera clubs, Patrick witnessed the frustrations and trials the club administrators faced when trying to organize their clubs online.

Photos and spreadsheets were being emailed back and forth for contests, causing confusion and a lot of extra work. Members weren't always sure what they were supposed to do next or what was expected of them.

The simple act of announcing a meeting or sending out mass emails to members was much more complicated than it needed to be.

A computer programmer by day, Patrick was sure a solution to all these problems was possible. So he sat down with club administrators and club members alike to discuss their dream systems.

Of course, there are other sites out there already that could work, but they are all generic systems for any type of club or organization to use. Which means they lack features specifically necessary for camera clubs, and contain other features a camera club would never need. What was needed was a site that offered taylor-made features designed specifically for camera clubs and camera clubs only.

And so My Camera Club was born.

In September of 2020, the site was officially launched on its maiden voyage.

It was decided in the very beginning that the site would be free for all clubs and members. And here's how you can make sure it stays free.