• Easy to create, maintain and judge.
  • Create as many contests as you need.
  • Assign open and closed dates for entries.
  • Restrict how many entries each member can submit.
  • Specify maximum image sizes for entries.
  • Configure contests to be publicly viewable or private so only club members can view them.
  • Four different flexible scoring methods:
    1. Top Picks: Each judge picks a given number of favorites.
    2. Single Score: Each judge assigns points to each photo. You pick the point range.
    3. Multiple Categories: You choose from six different judging categories (ie Artistic Quality, Originality, etc), then each judge must score each photo for each of these categories.
    4. Comments Only: For more informal contests, judges provide comments only with no scores.
  • Three different methods of assigning judges:
    1. All Club Members: Every club full member can be a judge.
    2. Selected Club Members: You specify individual club members to be judges.
    3. Guest Judges: Invite non-club members to judge a contest.

Tutorial: Create a Contest